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Let’s Get Acquainted…

Most blogs I have read involve an introductory post from the author, so consider this our formal introduction. Imagine me awkwardly leaning in for a hug when you’ve already put your hand out for a handshake. Imagine me laughing it off and quickly changing the subject. You then ask, “so…what do you?”.

I don’t know many people in their early twenties who like this question. This is probably because most people within my ‘circle’ are either studying, recently graduated and job hunting, or embarking on a creative career with blooming employment prospects (this is ironic, hence the italics.)

Whenever people ask me that question, I have always had the fall back of education. I studied English as an undergraduate at the University of Nottingham and graduated in July. I have since embarked on a masters in Journalism at the University of Brighton. Therefore, I am saved from the judgement of not having found my dream job immediately after finishing my studies. The pressure to seemingly have your life somewhat together after finishing university is incredibly overwhelming. Hence why I chose the postgrad life. Well, actually that isn’t true. I have always wanted to continue in education for as long as possible. I enjoyed school. I still enjoy learning. And I am fortunate enough to be able to progress academically here within the UK, which I know is not the case for everyone.

When I tell people I studied English, it is inevitable that they ask “ah, so are you going into teaching?” To which I reply, “haha no, I hate children” (untrue, but prevents more questions as they feel a bit uncomfortable.) The truth is I have always just loved to read. And to write. Therefore studying English seemed like a ‘no brainer’ for me. The decision to go forward with Journalism as a masters course was harder, and it was a close call between that and Creative Writing. But one is easier to do and share in my spare time, and the other lends itself to have some academic backing and qualification.

So, I suppose that is where I am currently. Fortunate to be in education and creating a blog to document and share my thoughts. 2020 hasn’t been a great year for many people. For me, it has certainly been eventful. It has taught me to just go for things. Life is too precious, and too short, to hold back on your goals and aspirations because of a fear of failure. So this is me, trying, possibly succeeding, to give 2020 a purposeful and positive end.

*insert inspirational quote here*


Masters student studying Journalism, interested in a career in journalism, public relations, creative writing and copy writing.

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