I’m Emily (she/her), a 24 year old living in Brighton, UK.

I have always enjoyed writing. From a young age, I remember creating stories and entire fictional worlds in my head. As I have grown up (arguably), I have found that some of the most interesting, the most shocking, and the most important stories are unfolding right in front of us.

This is what made me want to become a writer. A story teller. To write about people’s experiences, as well as my own, to try and help make sense of the World. I specialise in feature writing and comment pieces, where I hope to humanise a story, or simply voice my thoughts on a subject.

Mental health plays a massive part in my writing. As someone who has had a complicated journey understanding the importance of looking after and talking about our mental health, I am now at a stage where I find writing about my experiences incredibly therapeutic. Not only this, but I feel any contribution to the discussion of mental health is a good thing. Talking is healing, so I suppose this blog is a sort of public therapy session.

I am very glad to have you along with me.